VoIP for Business

High quality and cost effective voice for business is our promise. With R0.05c per minute calls to other users on the system.

Hosted PBX

The days of having your own PBX at your office is gone. Times have changed and everyone is moving to the cloud with hosted virtual PBX solutions, let us quote on yours.

Call Center Systems

Have your call center in the cloud with as many seats as your need. Reliable cost effective with high quality calls at all times.

VoIP for Home

Save money and get VoIP at home with all the functionality of a PBX, call forward, follow me to mention a few.

Conference Calls

Conference calling with teams made simple, just have a permanent conference configured by us to suite your needs.

Online Faxing

Fax to Email and Email to Fax, don't miss the old POTS line fax every again and have it delivered straight to your email.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Depending on where you dial, VoIP can save you as much as 60% on your phone bill, and as high as 80% if used correctly.

Being Internet driven VoIP is only as reliable as your internet service provider, at virtual systems we always recommend that businesses get a secondary data line just for VoIP and download our cell phone app’s to always be connected.

Most numbers can be ported to VoIP with the exception of non portable numbers, please check with us if your number can be ported.

Yes VoIP clients are available for mobile phones, we recommend you look for a client in your app store that has the G729 codec for best performance. Alternatively gives us a call we can provider you with VoIP Softphone.

Your call, anytime, anywhere!

Get Connected now and SAVE

Today’s VoIP is the same as you have gotten used to over the years, it’s as simple as pickup and dial a number and be connected with huge savings.

Your call, anytime, anywhere!

Dial friends and family and speak for longer.

Flexible pricing structure

To meet everyone's needs

Home Starter


per line/per month

Subscription breakdown

  • phone number
  • User license
  • Device license rental
  • Low rate calls

Unlimited Plus


per line/per month

Subscription breakdown

  • phone number
  • User license
  • Device license rental
  • Free branch to branch and conferencing

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